Time Space Continuum

I don’t understand.I’m here by myself all day, and come 3 pm the only dirty dishes are a plate, a glass and a coffee cup. Then by 8 pm and two additional people later, there are 10 glasses, 20 forks, and plates everywhere. The math just doesn’t add up.  I think it has something to do with the time space continuum.  Or there are hoards of extra people hiding under the furniture that I don’t know about.

Then got to sleep way too late, and up way to early…going to be one of those multi-coffee kinds of mornings. The hardest part is going to be keeping my sleepy tuchus out of the ice cream and getting it on to the bike.

On the up side “premium vanilla ice cream” is only 50 on the glycemic index….


4 thoughts on “Time Space Continuum

  1. I think there are people hiding in my house, too. One minute the kitchen will be clean, and the next I’ll have stacks of dishes! Yikes!

    Hopefully you got on your bike!!!

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