Menu Ideas – 31 March 2013


Making Sunday dinner – our favorites of ham, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes with cheesecake for dessert. Made asiago/parmesean cheese muffins for breakfast. Got to love muffins – quick, easy, bakes in 20 minutes and you look the hero from making something from scratch first thing in the morning before your second cup of coffee (yes -they are THAT easy. They’d have to be, right?) Of course there are the dozen eggs the youngling colored last night, but that is another story. That’s tomorrow night’s supper, actually.


Monday – Chicken salad pita (using the easter eggs from yesterday) 

Tuesday – Ham fried rice (that takes care of any remaining leftover ham)

Wednesday – tacos (SO time to have something that doesn’t involve ham or eggs)

Thursday – chinese steamed dumplings with miso soup 

Friday – Baked lemon dill salmon with cauliflower mash

Don’t forget PaBlam, The Food Allergy Experience and Love, Harmony, Peace for more menu ideas 🙂


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