Epiphany Eggs

eggHappy Spring Equinox 🙂

I like new recipes as much as the next cook. They can be special, delicious, exciting, unique, or dead useful, but there aren’t any I would call an epiphany – until now.

One Sunday, some time ago, Adam Savage (co-host of Discovery Channel’s “Mythbusters” and certifiable genius in my book) tweeted a link to Gordon Ramsey making scrambled eggs. (If not this one, something very like it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKWsOLR4wOE. That’s right, plain, ordinary scrambled eggs. Except there wasn’t anything plain or ordinary about them. It was one of the worlds most basic foods raised several dimensions. Mr. Savage has called “slow eggs” an epiphany and “life changing”. He’s right. Again. He mentions “slow eggs” again in a recent Tested.com post about making perfect omelettes.

So what does that have to do with healthy eating and healthy weight? Eggs will kill you, right?

Not everyone. SOME people are best advised to stay away from eggs, or at least the yolks, because of the cholesterol content. People who are genetically predisposed to abnormal cholesteral, or have heart and artery issues should indeed follow their doctor’s recommendations, stick with whites only, or skip egg outright.

For those of us who have other issues, eggs aren’t the enemy. Darth Vader and the Dark side has cookies…eggs have good stuff too. They are nothing on the glycemic index. Loaded with protein and some important vitamins like riboflavin, B12 and compounds like selenium and choline. Choline is important in some nerve structures and brain functions. Some believe that choline can help mitigate (not treat) mood problems, anxiety, even help prevent dementia (Hurd).

All I know is that I LIKE them, especially “slow eggs”.

So there is that for dieting and weight control…

But that isn’t all of it. “The Vampire Diet” is about the spirit of dieting, remember?

Whether you celebrate Easter or Oeastra, eggs are symbolically related to new life, fresh starts, renewal, fertility – all the things associated with this time of year. And all the things people striving for health need all year.

What was it that vampire Aiden told Henry in “Being Human”…something about it doesn’t matter so much that you fell down, its what you do from now on that matters…something like that. Every minute, every meal is a moment of renewal, a chance to eat things that make us healthy and strong. Every minute, every meal is a chance to do it better this time. In that sense, symbolically, we can have an egg with every meal.


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8 thoughts on “Epiphany Eggs

    • The key is the stirring and the pick it up off the unit and put it down like he does…it really did make a difference. The dairy in the eggs is the other key. As part of my greek yogurt fetish lately, even put a Tbs of greek yogurt in some slow eggs yesterday. Enjoy!

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