Was just reading PaBlam!, one of my fave blogs. She was tagged in the “Five Things” meme and in turn tagged everyone who read the post. She says doing it that way makes it feel less weird. I think doing it that way makes it even more cool in a mad scientist, time-change-sleep-deprived-zombie kind of way so TAG! You just read this so you are officially part of the fun too…have at it, friends 😀

1. I like cool, cloudy rainy weather, in the fall especially.

2. I detest mowing the lawn.

3. I hate lima beans and butter beans even more.

4. I went camping in Vermont one time and had Ben & Jerry’s – for breakfast

5. Had a trial flight lesson and flew a Cessna 150 for a few minutes – once



8 thoughts on “Meme-day

  1. #5 is amazing! I should have used this as one of my facts, but I guess it was pushed too far to the back of my memories until you mentioned flying.

    When I was 14ish, 8th grade, I was in a program called the Civil Air Patrol. It’s like a ROTC type thing for the air force, and we went out and did search and rescue things, did crowd control, things like that. Well, part of the program was actually flying lessons. I’ve gone up twice in some type of little plane. I don’t know which kind, and actually got to fly. The second time I got to take off, but I wasn’t allowed to land it!

    It was pretty exciting for a kid, actually, especially since it was my first and second time ever in an airplane!

    I got freaked out, though, when the pilot/instructor asked me if I wanted to feel what zero G’s felt like and turned the plane off. We started falling, and papers started floating. It was fun for the other student that was with us, but with my anxiety I couldn’t help but think what would happen if the plane didn’t turn back on! It’s definitely one of the scariest moments of my life.

    • I was a bit older, 22. My flight instructor was really wonderful…especially when I nearly tossed my cookies landing. That’s the big reason I didn’t go on – wasn’t worth fighting through the air sickness. But “everything for a reason”…that nudged me toward martial arts instead, which is where I met my husband! How’s that for a #6?

      • Yeah, you had a completely valid reason for switching focus. You never know until you try it, though!

      • Yes. It’s a realization that comes with life experience, though. Too bad, because it would make life easier!

      • I did not enlist. I only stayed in CAP for two years. I was the only girl, and it was just really awkward for me at that age. Then, the one instructor called me fat. That was the end of the line for me. (We were wearing orange vests while directing traffic for parking at an event. We went to cross the street, and he said something about cars seeing us. I said that it would be hard not to, meaning because of the bright orange vests, and he said ‘oh, don’t worry, you’ll grow taller and thin out. For someone with terrible body image and anxiety already it was awful.)

        I only flew twice. I’ve been on a commercial airplane for one round trip from Philly to Florida. I kinda wish I would have continued, though.

        Also, I did not enlist. That lifestyle is not for me, again I blame my anxiety. I’m too much of a free spirit for that routine and stuff.

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