Menu Ideas – 10 March 2013


Happy Birthday to Pam of PaBlam! and Omnomalicious fame! 

Imitation being flattery, I’m doing the same thing she did last week…planning a week of nice meals in the run up to the birthday. Just like every other week though, it is all based on the stuff that is on sale at my fave local grocery store, plus ingredients on hand. 

Monday – London Broil, smashed potatoes w/ green onions

Tuesday – Chicken and Dumplings

Wednesday – breakfast for dinner! Oevos Rancheros

Thursday – Ham and Cheese Broccoli Bake

Friday – more fish fry! They have the most amazing crab cakes here 🙂 

For more menu ideas check out Food Allergy Experience, and Love, Harmony, Peace



8 thoughts on “Menu Ideas – 10 March 2013

  1. Thanks!!! Is your birthday on Saturday or Sunday??

    Your week sounds amazing! Brinner is an amazing thing!

    • Saturday. How did your day go there, pretty pisces? Today is a new moon in Pisces too…check out @Starcana and her newsletter. Pretty cool. I do like Brinner. And on-sale flank steak. Might have to whip up a flan, just because I can.

      • I like on sale meat in general! We stock up and fill our freezer. We got Italian sausage for 99cents a pound and meatloaf mix for 1.29 a pound last week!

        I’ll go check her out, thanks for the tip! My day was actually pretty awesome. The weather was amazing, so we went hiking at my favorite spot. I’ll have a post about that tomorrow. My party on Saturday went very well, too!

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