General Faux’s Chicken


I love Chinese food…both the Americanized and more authentic versions. General Tso’s chicken is one of our favorite dishes. I don’t pretend this is whole food or healthy, and it certainly isn’t authentic…hence the faux part…but I like the way it gives a little twist to fast, handy but slightly boring chicken “nuggets”.

If you are not a mom on a busy day, and want a whole-food version…you certainly could chunk your own cooked boneless skinless chicken breasts, bread them with panko crumbs and crisp them up in a little canola oil, and toss them with steamed broccoli and your own sauce…I’m thinking something like this:

1/3 cup honey

1/3 cup soy sauce

garlic powder – to taste

onion powder – 1/8 tsp or to taste

ground ginger – 1/8 tsp or to taste

2  Tbs sesame seeds

1 Tbs chopped green onion or minced shallot

Red pepper flakes (optional)


Serve over rice – brown or white, whatever you like.

*******FAN GIRL RANT******

Any brand products, books, music…anything like that…that I might mention is just pure fan-girl opinion.  No compensation – no official endorsement – no advertising…use whatever you want. This is just, specifically, what I like. I like Kikkoman products and it is the only soy sauce allowed in my kitchen…ever!

The FAST and FAUX version:

Chicken nuggets, baked according to package directions

Cooked white rice

Steamed or microwaved broccoli, rough chopped (about 1 lb)

Kikkoman seasame terriyaki marinade or home made sauce as above.

Toss chicken and broccoli with sauce, serve over rice.

You might want to adjust the amount of sauce you use. If you want more, use more, or even double the recipe if you want…the youngling isn’t a huge fan, so I go a little light on the sauce here.


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