Menu Ideas 17 Feb 2013


Monday – Winter Squash soup, hummis with pita chips
Tuesday – Tacos
Wednesday – dim sum dumplings and velvet corn soup
Thursday – Pasta Faux-jule (it’s the youngling’s new favorite, so we’ll be having this a lot)
Friday – Fish Fry


3 thoughts on “Menu Ideas 17 Feb 2013

  1. I love Tacos, we made a “taco pie” a couple of nights ago, it was delicious!! I really wish you would post your recipes….and save me the trouble of looking them up. 😀 😀 Dim sum dumplings and velvet corn syrup sounds good!!!

    • I keep chipping away at the recipes…click the “recipe” category on the left hand drop down list and I think that will put everything on the blog in one list for you. My recipe for the dumplings is…go to costco, get ling ling chicken and vegetable dumplings, follow package directions. They are, if memory serves, preservative free and way cheaper than I could make them from scratch!

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