Everybody Wants Some

I’ve been thinking about taking pictures of recipes to post here. Everyone says that’s a big part of a successful food blog. Everybody wants some – pretty, appetizing, attractive photos to go with recipes.

I doubt that it is going to happen. My favorite cookbook doesn’t have a single photo that I can think of (Better Homes and Gardens “The New Cookbook” with the red and white checkered cover). Even when photos are there, my stuff never looks like the photos – even the “successes”, never mind the epic fails. TV shows that teach technique as much as “recipe” have been way, way more helpful than any given still photo. Especially in a horror-movie themed book / blog written by a person whose culinary “point of view” is somewhere between the “Everybody Wants Some” scene from the movie “Better Off Dead”


and the cook from “City Slickers” who said “it’s hot, it’s brown, and they’s lots of it”


Given the choice of making it look nice or making it taste good, what would Dracula do?


So there you have it….warm up your Tesla coils, stir the campfire baked beans, and don’t expect any pretty recipe pictures from the vampire kitchen. After all, with your mad cooking skills, who needs them?


4 thoughts on “Everybody Wants Some

  1. The only reason I’d like you to add photos (besides the fact that I don’t understand people who don’t like to photograph ALL THE THINGS, hahahaha) is because I use Pinterest as my online recipe book. If a recipe doesn’t have a photo, I can’t pin it. That means I have to bookmark it… and I’ll probably forget about it. So, photos for selfish reasons!

    Or, I’ll have to remember to check my bookmarked recipes more often.

    • I didn’t realize that about pinterest. You’ve mentioned it, and I started an account, but haven’t done anything with it. I have a folder in my bookmarks dedicated to just recipes, so I guess that is about the same thing. Hmmm…I may have to rethink this. Nobody said they have to be professional looking photos…

      • Sometimes I cringe looking at some of my older recipes’ photos! No, they don’t have to be professional.

      • your worst photo is better than anything headed to the vamp kitchen, trust me. At least with a theme like this, if the photos scare the beejeebers out of readers, then it would be in keeping with the idea of the thing

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