Menu Ideas 10 Feb 2013

Mardi Gras is this week…that means my annual attempt at beignets. And fish, lots of fish 🙂 I’m not religious, but I’m willing to adopt their menu ideas…

After living in Baton Rouge, my husband prefers the pate a choux version of beignets, so I make that instead of the yeast dough version

Monday – Tofu fried rice (Xinnian Hao! Belated Happy Year of the Snake)

Tuesday – Potato Leek soup w/ beignet for dessert

(why potato leek soup? I LIKE it…plus potatoes are on sale this week)

Wednesday – Teriyaki Salmon with side of curried cauliflower over rice

Thursday – Perogies w/ side of coleslaw

Friday – Fish Fry! (can’t wait for lobster bisque day yyyyuuuummmm)


3 thoughts on “Menu Ideas 10 Feb 2013

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