Menu Ideas 3 Feb 2013

We usually eat fish on Friday anyway. We just like it, and the omega 3s aren’t a bad thing. My husband is Catholic so soon my Friday menu idea will be “go to the local fish-fry” for a few weeks. He has his reasons for the way he eats on Fridays during lent, and I like letting someone else cook the fish for a few weeks – especially if local home-made haluski is involved 😉 It works out well for everyone. 


Monday – Ham and Cheddar quiche

Tuesday – Red Pepper soup – version 2.0, the hearty version (check back Wed for recipe)

Wednesday – Tai-style chicken noodles with peanut sauce.

Thursday – Pepperoni rolls with tossed salad

Friday – Terriyaki Salmon w/ side of cauliflower mash


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