Menu Ideas 27 Jan 2013

Am trying to show the youngling a little bit about menu planning and cooking, so things are going more kid-friendly than foodie these days. Am easing up a little on the meatless Monday thing, since she’s not a huge fan of, oh, let’s say vegetables. Here’s hoping what they say applies to veg, too…kids are more likely to eat and enjoy the things they choose and prepare.

Monday – beef mushroom penne

Tuesday – Fish Taco

Wednesday – Ham and Cheese quiche

Thursday – Shepherd’s pie

Friday – Nicole’s Rosemary Chicken Salad (diced seasoned chicken over a bed of lettuce and shredded carrots with crushed pretzel garnish.


11 thoughts on “Menu Ideas 27 Jan 2013

    • I’ve made Nadia G’s recipe before, and it rocks as much as you would think. After the first time though, it’s time to tinker – you know how that goes. I switched to ground turkey, switched up some of the veg to things the youngling likes better etc. The real revelation was the sweet potato / mashed potato blend on top…YUM. The rosemary chicken is an experiment in evolution. We’ll see how it goes, though I’m thinking some raspberry vinaigrette might do it some good. Have a good one!

      • I love sweet potato great idea and raspberry vinaigrette would be awesome I can almost taste it 😀

      • Probably the plain…may take away from the flavor..on the other hand raspberry and rosemary go really well together…helpful?? 😀

      • I think you are right…if it were me, I’d stick with the rosemary because the herbal / fruit combo is pretty yummy, but since Fridays have become cooking with the youngling…plain it is

  1. Om nom nom nom. I think everything sounds amazing. I would have never thought of putting crushed pretzel in my salad, but I’m dying to try it now!

    Good luck cooking with the little one. I’ve been bringing Trinity into the kitchen with me a lot, too. She enjoys baking best 😉

    • Can’t take credit for that one…it was all Nicole’s idea. She’s been into pretzels lately. I can’t complain about that. There are a lot more unhealthy snacks than that. Enjoy cooking with Trinity!

      • I just made pretzel crusted chicken the other night, and it was amazing. The recipe is linked in mpm#30, I think. If you want, I’ll find it. She’d probably enjoy it… plus, if she’s anything like Trin, she’ll enjoy smashing the pretzels, haha.

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