Menu Ideas – January 2013 #3


Monday – breakfast for dinner…probably bacon and waffles (meatless monday is Wed. this week)

Tuesday – Jambalaya

Wednesday – Red Pepper soup with side of toasted garbanzo beans (meatless, not vegan)

Thursday – Turkey meatloaf with side of parsley carrots

Friday – pasta faux-jule (the youngling’s new favorite)


18 thoughts on “Menu Ideas – January 2013 #3

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  2. OM NOM NOM NOM. Nom. That red pepper soup looks AMAZING! And Waffles are my favorite!

    • Nicole’s favorite too! Bacon is on sale this week, another favorite of her’s. Jon had his steel cut oats this morning, so we’ll let him in on the fun too 😉

      • Bacon is amazing! I love having waffles and bacon in the morning 😉 It’s my ‘go to’ Saturday morning breakfast!

      • Ahhh…bacon. Spoiled rotten by a grandfather with a farm, I love the stuff. So much that I got a tube of maple bacon lip gloss as a gift once. And the youngling loves her some waffles, so a good meal was had by all. Have a great weekend and enjoy your Saturday breakfast!

      • I love Jones Soda, and Daniel tries to get me the silly Holiday Packs every few years. I have the Turkey Dinner pack that has Turkey, Gravy, and a few other weird flavors. I didn’t drink them, just put them on my shelf of silly collectibles. Two years ago the holiday pack was bacon. It had two packs of bacon soda, a thing of bacon lipgloss, a pack of bacon popcorn, and bacon gravy mix (all from the baconnaise people, except the soda). Trinity and I were curious, so we opened one bottle of soda. OMG, GROSS!! I still have the lipgloss, though, and Trinity just got another tube of bacon lipgloss this year from my brother. Oh, bacon.

      • lol…it isn’t common, but you can get Jones soda around here every now and again…haven’t seen the holiday flavors though. What a hoot! The lip gloss was actually pretty tasty, and fairly accurate flavor, probably mostly due to the maple part. I’m going to have to keep a closer eye out for Jones soda. Had a vanilla or cream soda kind of flavor once, a loooong time ago, and it was delish!

      • The holiday flavors are usually special order. We’ve purchased them at Sheetz in the past, too, but they come in a large boxed set, not individually.

      • Ahhhh, Sheetz. It just isn’t a road trip without at least one sheetz pit stop and MTO. Next pit stop will see if they have any regular flavors around. It’s that time of year I allow myself the annual soda…the “throwbacks” are around, and if I indulge in a soda treat at all, it is the non-hfc sugar version. Jones is suger, not corn syrup if memory serves, right? Saw cases of Mountain Dew throwback…maybe singles will show up soon.

      • I’m not a fan of the throwback sodas…. something is just ‘off’ to me. Of course, I only have one or two sodas a year, which end up being too sweet, so I’ll just go without 😉 I believe Jones is made with real sugar, yes. I like their cream soda the best! Now I wish I was near a sheetz!

        We have singles of Throwback here… at least we did like a year ago. I don’t pay much attention, but I had to check it out once.

      • No Sheetz! That’s tragic! I’m like you tho…never go out of my way for a soda of any kind, really. Especially in this weather! Would much rather have a hot coffee or chai anyway.

      • Wawa is like Sheetz? I’ll have to remember that if we ever get out that way again. Last time I was in New Jersey was a looooong time ago, at Tai Chi Farm. Can’t even remember the town near there.

      • Yeah, it has the touch screen ordering and everything. It’s just a tad healthier because they don’t have a fryer 😉

      • cool…I’m such a mto junkie (hot chicken footlong on wheat with cheese to be exact)…I didn’t even realize sheetz had a fryer either. My other big weakness is the birthday cake flavored cuppacino they have at the Sabraton Sheetz on the way to mom’s house in WV. Curse you sweet tooth 😉

      • Birthday cake cappacino? Yummm!

        Wawa has a special going where they have salted caramel mochas and hot chocolates. Salted caramel is my weakness, and I’ve been drinking way too many :/

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