Leftovers in the writer’s cave


One of my favorite writers, Debora Geary, often will post that she is “going into the writer’s cave” to get some work done on whatever book she has in progress, so don’t expect to see posts from her for a while.  (Just finished reading her latest, “A Different Witch”, and will be propping  up on the Geek Girl’s Bookshelf as a post soon)

Despite all the usual interruptions, have spent most of this afternoon writing a long post for a client and my  “Modern Oracle” blog (you Vampire Diet readers can see it free at www.ModernOracleTarot.com, but it is also available by subscription on amazon Kindle).

Today’s menu in the writer’s cave is leftover Tai-ish noodles. I forgot how good they were cold the next day.

Will be back next time with menu ideas for next week. Am going to draft my 12 year old youngling to help with Friday meal planning and start teaching her some serious cooking skills.
The deal is she gets to put off homework until Saturday, if she plans and prepares (with help as needed) Friday night dinner. This could get interesting. On the other hand, if you suddenly see a lot of PB&J on Friday’s, I won’t be surprised, and you’ll know what happened.


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