Menu Ideas Jan 2013 #1


Back at it…Don’t forget to keep an eye on PaBlamOmnomalicious and the Food Allergy Experience blogs for more menu and recipe ideas 🙂

Monday – chicken avacado flatbread sandwiches

Tuesday – veggielafel patties and parsley carrots

Wed – Winter Squash Soup and asiago cheese muffins

Thurs – Tai-ish noodles with chicken, chopped cabbage and chopped peanuts

Friday – breaded baked fish and sweet potato oven fries (it’s always “fish fry” season at our house, doing the best we can with the “seafood watch” guidelines for sustainablity and eco-friendliness..

Might not be a totally “weight loss” plan like so many things are this time of year, but that’s the whole point of the thing, to eat healthy, not for “weight loss”… all the time. Like forever. (cue “Endless Summer of the Damned” by Bauhouse from the “Go Away White album…rocking stuff, that).


Keep in mind that my menu ideas are geared toward a low glycemic way of eating more than a super-low fat one. I try to keep it rich in fiber, and am a little liberal with the protien compared to “low fat” eating. I’m generous with Omega 3s and the monounsaturated “healthy fats” in olive oil, peanuts, sunflower seeds etc. Or at least I try to be.


2 thoughts on “Menu Ideas Jan 2013 #1

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