Minor change in Plans


Am taking a few days off from the “Vampire Diet” blog for the holidays, but had some last minute cancellations, some due to weather, some due to illness in the family, etc. and decided to use it for Tarot work. My phone and private session times are still booked until after New Years, but I had some time for e-mail readings open up. As a thank you, I’d like to give a special offer to all “Vampire Diet” readers.

Mention the “Vampire Diet”  in your e-mail, and get a “Four Seasons” e-mail tarot reading for $20 ($5 off the usual price)

The “Four Seasons”  is a little different from the typical “New Years” prediction kind of reading. It more like driving directions for the new year rather than the usual vague “predictions” you see around this time of year.

If you ask me, “predictions” have pretty much (finally!) jumped the shark after that whole Mayan thing on the 21st…either that or a pile of jell-o pudding really did save the world.

The “Four Seasons” reading gives you a card for each season of the upcoming year. That card is the “theme” for that time of year, or a clue to important ideas and choices that will help you get through that season.

If you are interested in an e-mail tarot reading at a discount, send your name, age,any questions you have “Four Seasons” and “Vampire Diet” to ModernOracleTarot@gmail.com.

Don’t forget: my readings are for entertainment, inspiration, and personal enrichment. No one can predict the future. Yoda was right…always in motion it is. I can’t read other peoples minds, know what they feel or what they might do (yuck…how stalker creepy would that be?)

In any case, whatever is “in the cards” for all of us…I wish everyone a happy, healthy, safe and prosperous New Year in 2013.


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