Heading toward the Holiday


The first batches of hard candy are almost gone already, mostly in snowman treat bags, but we’ve done our fair share of damage. Chex mix is dwindeling, and the first batch of peanutbutter chocolate chip cookies is toast. Will make another batch of cookies to bridge the week, a pumpkin cheesecake for the big meal, and a batch of gingerbread to get from Christmas to New Years (ginger is good for digestion, you know)

Meanwhile, we still need some healthy dinners between now and then … here’s the basic game plan

Monday – Tofu Fried Rice (bumped up from last week – last minute plan change)

Tuesday – pulled pork sandwiches with apple salad

Wednesday – penne with leftover pork

Thursday – General Faux’s Chicken (need something fast for concert night)

Friday – Baked lemon dill cod with Neely’s Broccolini


For even more menu ideas be sure to visit PaBlam! and Food Allergy Experience


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