Weekly menu ideas with Holiday Treats


Holiday extras:

Peanutbutter chocolate chip cookies: I use the peanut butter cookie recipe from “Better Homes and Gardens” cookbook and just stir in mini chocolate chips, spoon by the tablespoonfull onto a non greased cookie sheet and bake 10 min at 375) and

Hard Candy ( I use Paula Deen’s cherry lollipop recipe from foodnetwork.com, but pour it on to a silicone mat , then cut it into pieces instead of pouring it into pop shapes. My mom used a different recipe, but made tons of this stuff every Christmas in all sorts of colors and flavors, put it in pretty jars and gave it as gifts. Granddad LOVED the cinnamon/clove spicy mix. The tricks I learned from her are soooo helpful…keep a pair of scissors just for kitchen use that are super-duper clean. Keep a bit pat of butter near where you are working to keep the scissors lubed up while you are cutting the candy. Cutting gives smoother, kid-friendly edges than just letting it cool and breaking it. As you cut the candy, toss it into a bowl of 10 x confectioners sugar. If you don’t have asbestos hands, use tongs in your non-cutting hand to pick up the edge as you cut and toss the pieces.

Holiday treats aside, as mom, and veggie police, I still have to get something resembling dinner on the table. Here’s the beginning game plan for the mains, anyway.

Monday – meatball soup ( we are big on soups this time of year, especially w/ home made rolls or muffins)
Tuesday – Tofu fried rice (meatless monday, a day late)
Wednesday – tuna cakes with side of buttered carrots
Thursday – general faux chicken
Friday – fish and fries


9 thoughts on “Weekly menu ideas with Holiday Treats

  1. Yum! I’ve never tried to make hard candy before. I might have to tackle it at some point. Not this year, though. I already have way too many treats planned!!

    I should try to make some tuna cakes. It’s the one kind of fish that my kid will eat.

    • The nice thing about the hard candy is that it keeps a long time, so you can make it way ahead, though I never do. It’s a lack of organization rather than a freshness thing. The Paula Deen recipe is easy, and a good place to start, though look out if you go traditional and make the clove or cinnamon…no plugged sinuses in the neighborhood the day she made that stuff!

      What’s Trinity’s favorite way to eat tuna? Nicole likes fish (terriyaki salmon is her fave), but she can also put away tuna salad on French bread like there is no tomorrow.

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