weekly menu ideas – 2 Dec 2012



Monday – Baked Salisbury Steak and gravy with sweet potato cakes

Tuesday – broccoli onion quiche

Wednesday – tuna cakes and parsley carrots

Thursday – winter squash soup with muffins

Friday – baked cod and french fries (youngling would protest if there was a fish-fry night in some form)




5 thoughts on “weekly menu ideas – 2 Dec 2012

  1. Sounds yummy!

    I just made my grocery list and menu plan, and totally forgot about the cheeseburger soup! I’m mad at myself because I was thinking about it this morning… then got sidetracked and forgot. I’m writing it down for next week right now, haha.

    • Hope you like it. Hurray Guy Fieri and triple-D 🙂 Did you see Iron Chef America last night? Nadia G and “Team Cooking Channel” vs “Team Foodnetwork” what a hoot!

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  3. Sweet potato cakes, is this like crab cakes? My husband loves fresh sweet potatoes but I’m never really sure what to do with them.

    • More like latkes, only with mashed potatoes instead of shredded – I’ll post my recipe, but keep in mind this is one of those family, not measured, look and feel grandma kind of recipes.

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