Love What’s Good for You

In “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” Charlie told Bella that sometimes you have to learn to love what is good for you.

More sage dieting advice from the world of vampires

I need to follow a low glycemic index diet. The cool thing is I’m learning to love it. The hard part is putting the brakes on with sticky rice (love me some seasame and sweet red bean paste rice balls…you know, the chewy sweet ones from Chinese buffets) and hockey night twizzlers. As I learn more about the glycemic index, turns out that I love some of the low to medium foods anyway. You know them from previous rants…flan, cheesecake, premium ice cream (source:

And quiche too. One of my faves…and so easy to make! Heave something in a pie crust, cover it with eggs and cheese and bake.

Was watching Mario Battali one day and learned the trick for the ages as far as quiche goes…Ricotta cheese! Protein, calcium, and gives the filling…you know, the eggy stuff around whatever else you are using…call it the matrix if you’ll indulge a little geekiness…but the ricotta gives that matrix a really pleasant, creamy texture. It can be a tad grainy, but in s soft, more visual than mouth-feel sort of way.

Tonight I’m hurling shredded bacon-spam, caramalized red onions in pre-fab pie crusts (was on sale – and tastes better than mine. Pie crust is not my forte) then covering them with a mixture of eggs, ricotta cheese and a dollop of sour cream plus the usual seasonings, salt, pepper, pinch of garlic powder, maybe a pinch of paprika. Have some shredded sharp cheddar (leftover from Sunday’s pizza) to sprinkle on top and make a nice browned and crunchy top layer. Hungry yet? Onions give carbs, but also fiber, traces of vitamin C and quercitins which are good for allergy prone folks. That only leaves the crust, which is only a small part of the serving…viola! High protein, fiber, non-processed goodness.

Sometimes it is easy to love what’s good for you.


2 thoughts on “Love What’s Good for You

  1. Ricotta cheese in a quiche? Genius! I’ve been known to stir it into mac and cheese, but I’ve never considered using it in a quiche!

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