Halloween is coming: Witch-con 1

Busy week coming up…cookies to make, company coming, martial arts on the weekend…

Don’t know how blogging will go this week, but tarot and holistic health will be same as always. ‘Tis the season, so if you are interested in an e-mail reading just fire off an e-mail to modernoracletarot@gmail.com. Price list and ordering instructions are at http://modernoracle.wordpress.com/email-readings/ if you are interested.

Meanwhile, let’s continue the little tradition Pam at www.omnomalicous.com and I have started by posting menu ideas for the week. I’m not promising this is what will actually happen, but it is a start-point to make a shopping list, and includes one fish meal (salmon) and one meatless meal (falafel).

Monday – Pasta Faux-jule (recipe to follow someday soon)
Tuesday – chicken tacos
Wed. – mushroom barley beef soup
Thur. – Falafel
Friday – Lemon-dill Salmon and cheesy cauliflower



3 thoughts on “Halloween is coming: Witch-con 1

  1. I think I’m going to try to incorporate on meatless meal a week, too. Daniel has always freaked out when I have suggested this in the past, but I have a few that I know he will eat. This last week I made a meatless enchilada, and he ate half of them. This will be a fun new challenge for me!

    Good luck with all the baking and company!

    • I’m lucky, my husband is ok with the idea…and was able to sneak it in on the youngling…turns out she likes tofu believe it or not. Good luck! Will post any good recipe sites if I find one. My friend Di, will be a great resource once she gets “Vegan Vampirette” (www.translawvania.wordpress.com) up and running.

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