Why Matters

I’ve been indulging in my favorite new fiction, the “Modern Witch” series by Debora Geary. Before unwrapping the presents-in-waiting, the new books “A Witch Central Wedding” and “To Have and to Code”, I’m re-reading the first four books, and am currently about 1/3 of the way through “A Nomadic Witch”… awesome reads, I recommend them!!

In this second time through, there was something that caught my attention that seems to relate here…even if no vampires were involved….Why Matters.

Part of the story is a stranger that seemingly hacks – magically – into a virtual reality meeting room.

“It isn’t how she got in that matters most – it’s why.

The old magics were back in Fisher’s Cove – and why mattered. Desperately”

The same is true of Vampire Dieting…why. Other diet books tell you what to eat, with some biologic rational, others find psychological excuse…but none of them can stare into your private mind and your private heart and figure out why. It’s individual, it’s spiritual, and it’s personal. Why.

Why do we eat the way we do? Why did we make the choices that made us overweight in the first place? Why do we want to eat better and loose weight? It is worth thinking about. Why matters.



3 thoughts on “Why Matters

  1. Why definitely matters. It’s keeping me from eating the second bowl of soup right now. I know I want to eat it because it was delicious, not because I’m hungry. I’m actually quite full. I just love food.

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    And here is a “taste” of the posts over on “The Vampire Diet” blog. Come over the the Vampire Diet, we have cookies. It’s up to you whether you eat them or not.

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