Sparks and Arcs

Do you have a microwave? It’s kind of an odd question, but I actually remember when they were uncommon, something  high-tech that only “rich people” could afford. Now they are pretty much everywhere, like TV and cell phones.


Except here at the moment. Our 12 year old microwave bought the farm this afternoon. The sparks and arcs were impressive in a Mythbuster-y sort of way. I can only imagine what it’s look like if there had been any metal around. 


It is one of those things you don’t realize how much you use it until it isn’t there. Guess that is one advantage to being old. I kind of actually remember how to cook without it.


8 thoughts on “Sparks and Arcs

  1. I have one. I don’t remember ever not having one. I feel like I don’t use mine a lot, but I probably do more than I think.

    I have one friend that just doesn’t own one because she doesn’t think she needs one. She gets along just fine. I also made it 2 weeks without one in college when mine broke.

    I’m just rambling, but I have a point. Sorry yours broke; Are you planning on replacing it or going without?

    • My husband’s love of microwave popcorn says, yes, we will replace it. I use it a lot to re-warm coffee, and it is genius at melting butter and chocolate chips for other recipes. I didn’t realize how much I use it for just little things like that where I can stuff something in to melt, and move off to do something else without worrying about it scorching, like you have to do when you work on the stove. Can’t complain about it too much…this one lasted a pretty long time. None of us can even remember exactly when we got it.

      Do you ever use yours to defrost meat? I used to but quit, since it seemed to dry it out so much that way. The meal-menu-planning thing helps me remember to get stuff out the night before and put it in the ‘fridge or sometimes I’ll do the cold water trick for fish.

      Thanks for the condolences for the high-wattage arc machine magnatron out on the curb as we speak. Tesla would have been proud 😀

      • Tesla is my homeboy, my favorite mad scientist. Anything to make him proud is A-OK in my book.

        I’ll use the microwave to defrost meat if it’s my only option. I usually try to remember to get stuff out the night before, but that rarely happens… so I most often use the cold water method. Also, I have these nonstick pans from Pampered Chef that defrost meat. Apparently because they have this special ‘core’ in them that evenly distributes the heat, it also helps defrost meat by dispersing the cold. Weird, but it works, haha.

      • I have those pan thingys too…they are awesome! I mostly use them for chicken, but then, that and fish is what we mostly eat anyway.

        I’m right there with you about Tesla! The Carnegie Science Center has a coil in a cage…big one! I’m always dragging my daughter in to see it whenever they are doing the “high voltage” show. It is totally cool. You can see the purple in the arcs, and smell the ozone when they are done. It’s LOUD but worth it!

        Did you hear they are trying to raise money to buy the site of his lab and tower to build a Tesla museaum? I forget the link, but will post it if I can find it. It isn’t on kickstarter, but something similar, and is promoted by “the oatmeal” blog.

      • What? I need to go to the Carnegie Science Center! I’m never in that area, though. They need to have one somewhere in Philly. I’d be there all the time! Oh well, one day I’ll make it there. I NEED to see this!

        I did hear about the Tesla Museum thing… I really do think it’s on kickstarter, but I could be wrong. I also think that they way passed the amount of money they needed to buy the land, but now they’re working on extra for the building and such. I’m definitely going to make a trip there when they get it finished!!

        Have you ever seen the movie The Prestige? Tesla is in it. Well, David Bowie as Tesla. It’s a good movie; my friend recommended it once night when I was complaining that there wasn’t a documentary about Tesla on, only a few minutes about him on some other show. haha.

      • David Bowie as Tesla?! I have to check that out!! If you are in the ‘burgh, let me know…it is no arm-twister to get us to the Science Center…we’re members. Will give you the tour.

      • Yeah, I know. It’s pretty epic. It’s one of the best movies I’ve seen this year; it’s twisty and awesome! Watch it ASAP!

        I probably won’t get over there anytime soon, but I’ll definitely let you know when I do!

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