Options Within Options

Vampires have choices to make.

In the modern genre, from “Interview with a Vampire” to “Angel” to the “Twilight” saga to “My Babysitter is a Vampire”, keeping vampire’s secret is the over-riding directive. Within that directive, within that parameter, they have to choose when and how to feed. The choice is theirs. They are empowered, mindful and in control. They choose deliberately. They may choose to feed on human, or animal, social outcast or high society. They choose to work within the mandate of secrecy, or to break it and deal with the consequences (like Mother buried Suren, or the Volturi stepped in to the southern territory wars).

We choose as well…hopefully with the same clarity and empowerment.

We can choose to work with our parameters (amount, kind, quality of food) or we can feed outside of the boundaries we’ve set for ourselves (vampires regulate vampires…we regulate ourselves, we can’t be forced except by extreme circumstances). Or, we can choose to step outside those boundaries and deal with the consequences (like Aiden chose to ‘go underground’) – consequences like continued overweight, tight clothing, low energy, and kicking ourselves for making a mistake. And that doesn’t even touch on the potential health consequences.

The cool thing, is there are tasty, REAL un-processed alternatives within whatever “bloodlist” we choose to use as our feeding parameters.

For people who choose to avoid fat…if you want dessert there are pavlovas, for example. This is fat free except for the whipped cream, and I suppose there are fat-free non-dairy substitutes you could use in its place, but I won’t…and can’t vouch for the results if you do. Here is a particularly yummy sounding base recipe from FoodNetwork and Alton Brown: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/alton-brown/pavlova-recipe/index.html. Fruit leathers, and all sorts of corn syrup based treats are also fat-free – but they are about as high as you can go on the glycemic index, so you have to pick your poison with those options, so to speak.

By the same token, there are dessert options for the low end of the glycemic index, but they tend to carry a bit of a hit on the fat side of things. According www.dietgrail.com Flan is 38 on the scale, and cheesecake with fruit is 50.

Try it, taste it, think about it. Which leaves you feeling more energized and feeling better…one piece of genuine, sugared cheesecake, or a bucket of “diet” ice cream? One slice of a Pavlova, or a truckload of “Skittles”? Which is less processed, more natural? Which is more satisfying? Which is healthier in the long run?

I’m taking the cheesecake. Or something peanut-based. Or both…ever have snickers cheesecake? The trick is when, where, how much. Seems to me we can feed on the good stuff…if you use your vampire-smarts to do so with discretion, and intelligence, and within the parameters that keep you out of the hands of the “Volturi”.

Feed Wisely




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