Did you know?

Was doing some reading, trying to bone up on the glycemic index. Did you know, according to www.health.harvard.edu, peanut m&ms have a glycemic index of 33? (numbers more than 55 give a bigger, faster change in blood sugar and insulin, lower numbers, less so. Proteins and fats have no effect, and no glycemic index number) Plain peanuts are only 7, so the thin chocolate and candy coating raise index, but it is still below 55.

The moral of that story being, when the fangs drop and you get a sweet craving worthy of a newborn vampire on a rampage, there are choices that have a lower impact on your glucose metabolism. You can have a handful of these, and feel better about it at the end than having a potato, white bread, or some so-called diet cereals which have a very high glycemic index.

In defense of ice cream….the good stuff has lower GI than the cheap crappy stuff. Check out the list of glycemic index and glycemic load for 100 common foods on the Harvard website. You might be pleasantly surprised.



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