The Brunch of Champions

Leftover cold pizza nugget thingys and coffee aren’t exactly cold leftover real pizza and coffee, but it is close enough. Not a paradigm of nutrition, but at least it isn’t sugary. Will make up for it with broccoli casserole tonight. If it works out, I’ll post the recipe.

Am loving the cooler weather. Was planning to go to Tai Chi in the park, but doesn’t look like the rain is going to hold off long enough. Pittsburgh folks follow @TeamSnow1 on twitter for updates.


2 thoughts on “The Brunch of Champions

  1. I’m loving the new layout!

    Meh, your brunch sounds amazing! Hopefully the casserole works out 😀

    • Got the official ‘yum!’ from the hubster, so I think I may post this one. The chinese-ish one still needs some tinkering. Thanks for the feedback about the theme. Dark but playful…just what I needed 😉 Have a good one!

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