As fun as travel can be, it is good to be home.

I’m not surprised that frequent travel is a big hurdle to eating well. One problem is access. Airports and gas stations are not exactly paragons of healthy eating, although I do love me a MTO every now and again. Pretty yummy, all things considered. At least some places are offering healthier options. Or at least options involving bacon.

Another problem, I think, is environmental cues.

Vampires have super-senses right? It seems to me that it is easier to eat well when I am in the environment where I spend most of my time, and have the most motivation to eat well. It is also where I have the greatest control…the fruit and peanuts are in easy reach, while the ice cream is buried in the back of the freezer. Granted, that doesn’t stop a newborn-vampire-style sweet tooth feeding frenzy, but it may slow it down a little.

So I wonder two things…what, other than trying to hide treats from myself (hard to do since I do all the grocery shopping and cooking) can I do to take cues from environment to eat better, rather than the other way around? And two, what connections can be made to a changing, or unfamiliar travel-type environment that will support better eating?

I don’t have the answers yet, but it is something to think about. Dieting isn’t all “body”…food and exercise. There is much to be said for the “mind” part of the mind-body-spirit paradigm. If environment can support healthy outlook, and therefor overall health, then I’m all for working with it.


8 thoughts on “Cues

  1. Mmm. MTO. I used to live in Sheetz territory. I now live in Wawa territory. I miss mac and cheese bites and other fried deliciousness like crazy. Wawa doesn’t even have a fryer!

    I guess that’s good for the healthy eating, though 😉

    I usually guilt trip myself out of eating the bad food. I buy it very rarely; usually on the husband’s commands… but it’s easier to avoid if I don’t have it 😉

    As for travelling, I’m awful at that. I try to make healthy choices, but I get into the ‘oh I can’t get mac and cheese bites in Jersey, so I’m going to eat them as much as possible while home.’ Not good. Haha.

    It’s something I’m working on as well 😉

    • lol…I’m right there with you. Sheetz MTO is in a class by itself, that’s for sure, and we are deep in that territory here. We went to visit my mom over the holiday, and there is a pizza place on the way that they don’t have around here. Their dessert pizza is just insanely good…so driving by there during business hours is a dangerous thing. Got to load up so those blood levels don’t drop, right 😉 Have you ever tried to re-create the mac and cheese bites yourself? It’s never quite the same to do that, but sometimes fun to try.

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