Beach in a Bowl

Went on a quick grocery store run, and the was chatting with the nice cashier. I go there every week, and always seem to wind up talking about some food or another. I was getting regular french fries as a back-to-school treat for my daughter (I usually get the sweet potato ones) and made some off handed comment about how they aren’t the healthiest thing, but a treat every now and then doesn’t hurt. She laughed and agreed, and said something like “I think all the worry about what you eat does as much harm as what you are eating”. I think she has a point.

Vampires aren’t scared…they don’t act afraid of what they are eating. They just eat it. They make the empowered choice to hunt animals or hunt humans…they don’t cower over finding “low fat substitutes” or artificailly sweetened processed anything just so they can have more. They have the spine to do what they do, and the spine to hold back and control themselves so as not to reveal themselves to us mere mortals. Lions and tigers don’t eat artificial gazelles and dear so they can have two with no effort…they hold back, hide in the grass and make one really good kill.

There may be a lesson there. Instead of indulging in fake, why not have a controlled amount of really, really good? Would that be the stronger, more empowered, more vampire-like thing to do? What would a thin, fit, happy person do?

Stress does not such good things for you, especially if it is sustained over time. At some point, I think the lady at the grocery store is right…the stress over dieting outweighs the benefit of eating well. How can you be at peace with your decision to welcome in health when you are busy obsessing? Obsessive isn’t my style. It feels like fighting to me.

It’s not something to do every day. I really addictive / in denial personality can find excuses every 5 minutes…but why not take a 5 minute vacation from dieting. Not all the time, not every day. Just meaningful celebrations. If we focus on what we eat and why, eat mindfully as some say, then we’ll naturally gravitate to better health. Eating large quantities thoughtlessly on automatic pilot isn’t vampire, it’s zombie. That’s a whole other horror genre and not very helpful in eating well.

So allow me to introduce you to my “newborn bloodlist”. Every now and again the “bloodlust” for sweets or your fat of choice may get the better of you. It happens. Sometimes you just feed like a newborn vampire then get on with it. Pick up the pieces and get back to doing it right.

Sometimes, too, it pays to take five minutes, and let yourself have 5 minutes away – from your diet, from your stress, from whatever else is troubling you. Not a permanent vacation, just a few minutes away…5 minutes of ‘beach in a bowl’ and then back to routine. Sometimes you just need to hit the reset button and reboot the system to keep your cool, stay at peace with yourself and your choices.

Check back tomorrow or Sunday, and I’ll post the “Beach in a Bowl” recipe…it’s a dessert that is just “bad” enough to taste good, and just light enough that it is easy to come back afterward without beating yourself up with guilt. It is a good summer, no-bake, refrigerated recipe.

See you soon


2 thoughts on “Beach in a Bowl

  1. I’m a big fan of ‘lifestyle change’ instead of ‘quick fix dieting’. When I started this journey, I told myself I wouldn’t do anything I couldn’t do for the rest of my life. I couldn’t skip the chocolate and ice cream forever… so now I just enjoy them in moderation. Instead of eating a huge bowl of ice cream 3 times a week, I’ll have a small bowl once a month or so. It’s just enough to satisfy my craving without making me feel guilty.

    So, I’ve been eating real food, with nothing being off limits, for a while now… and I’m down 70lbs from my start weight. You don’t have to do anything drastic to lose weight… just watch your portion size 😉

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