Have you ever been on information overload? Just too much data combined with conflicting information – all of which needs a critical eye, since the sources may or may not be trustworthy?

That is the nature of non-fiction writing sometimes. In fiction, you can ignore the laws of physics and shoot bullets in outer space…not so when you are dealing with facts. You have to understand and cite your sources. That is after you’ve sorted through piles of stuff to even find the reliable sources.

That’s part of why I went down the path of aromatherapy, and “energy medicine” like Reiki. It is WAAAY easier than this nutrition stuff.

When it comes to nutrition, it’s a jungle out there. On one hand you have the hard-core mainstreamers who treat everyone like a mechanical calorimeter, and on the other you have the fringe ‘woowoo’ elements of Natural Health that take firm positions with no real evidence behind it. Where the heck is a reasonable middle ground?

All of it makes me want to stick my fingers in my ears and go LALALALA really loud. Either that or just give up and have a pint of Ben &Jerry’s. And I have a degree in this stuff for chrissakes. I can only imagine how overwhelming it is for people with no health or medical background. Like asking me to understand economics or auto mechanics or plumbing. ┬áIt ain’t happening.

Wanting to find a reasonable, workable, way of eating based on the information in the mainstream news and on the Internet is a little like being undead…not dead, not alive, just a humble vampire. A healthy diet that is natural, reasonable, and fact-based lives in a similar netherworld, it seems.

I guess that is why I need to write this book. Figuring out what IS a healthy diet to live on is a pain in the neck.


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