Stuff. With Bits.

“I hate yogurt. It’s just stuff. With bits….” Doctor Who “The Eleventh Hour” by Steven Moffat.

But it doesn’t have to be sweet. Or have bits.

I like yogurt…don’t care too much for the bits, myself, either. My favorite is the smooth, bit-less, vanilla-ish flavors. Stonyfield farms whole milk vanilla is a food group unto itself if you ask me. But that’s not what I’m thinking about here…

Have you tried plain greek style yogurt? It is so easy to find these days. A bit tangy to just eat without some fruity bits. The it’s extreme tang combined with anything sweet takes a little getting used to. BUT you don’t have to have sweet or bits in yogurt. I’ve been using plain greek yogurt left, right and sideways as a substitute for sour cream. Imagine…more tangy-ness, less fat, less calories, more protein.

It isn’t a perfect substitute. Without the fat of sour cream, it doesn’t carry aromatic or savory flavors very well. The flavors don’t blend. You taste the tang, then you taste the garlic/onion/dill/what-have-you right beside it, not united with it. When it comes to traditional chip dip, it is definitely a taste-health compromise.

Recipes are another story. In cooked recipes like crock pot mac and cheese or baked corn casserole, it works. Maybe because the whole point of the sour cream is the snap it brings to the overall flavor in the dish. In that case, the yogurt may actually be superior. I haven’t tried it as a fish or chicken marinade sort thing yet. Don’t know how it would work in any other uses. Stay tuned. Mad scientist experimentation in progress.

What is your favorite uses for plain greek yogurt? Other than frozen with fruit toppings, which is yummy too, I’ll grant you.


9 thoughts on “Stuff. With Bits.

    • are there recipes on omnomalicious? What do you like to bake the best? Bet it makes things so moist and nice 🙂 Is there such a thing as a cheese-cake-y tasting muffin with greek yogurt…or greek yogurt and diced strawberries? If not, that is a recipe that might need inventing, don’t you think??

      • I don’t think I have any recipes up on the blog, but I do have one photographed to put up… it’s a strawberry yogurt cake, sorta like a pound cake but creamier. I’ll get it up asap.

        Oh! These muffins use Greek yogurt!

        They are equally delicious with blueberries, raspberries, or peaches. I’ve been experimenting.

        I haven’t made cheesecakey tasting muffins, though… but I’ll start working on them right after I perfect these lemon-blueberry cookies I’ve been messing around with 😉

      • You all rock…I’ve created a bookmark folder just for your recipes! Am looking forward to the lemon-blueberry recipe…two of my husbands favorite flavors! I wonder if blackberry would work, too. He likes those even more, and both are in season, aren’t they? Our Farmers Market is tomorrow, so will go see what I can score. Am looking forward to the results of your experiments! 🙂

      • Blackberry should work. I’m all about subbing ingredients whenever possible. If not, make those strawberry muffins with blackberries! I love that recipe because it tastes good with whatever fruit you put in. I’ll work on getting some of these others posted now that I’m back from another vacation 😉

      • The cool thing about subbing, is sometimes you can stumble on to something you like even better! Great idea! Looking forward to the new recipes! We are in the last big push to the first day of school…then I want to work on putting in some photos…yeah, I changed my mind. Am thinking about making a vampire/halloween ish theme of it though…red plate on a black tablecloth or something now that Halloween stuff is working its way into the dollar stores. What do you think?

      • I think I adore that theme! Halloween is my absolute favorite. You could do some really awesome stuff 😉 Even purple/black would go well with a vampire theme. You could alternate depending on what type of food it is….

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