Today’s Trivia

Many contemporary vampires can be in the sun with no ill effects

Human exposure to moderate amounts of sunlight may improve sleep, boost mood and assist immunity per U.S. News and World Reports


8 thoughts on “Today’s Trivia

  1. As someone that suffers from SAD, I completely understand the effects sunlight has on mood!

    • Absolutely! In my past life as a PA, I worked for a MD who specialized in SAD and did research in it before private practice. I’ve seen the difference sun and/or full spectrum light banks can make. I chalk it up to one more way the naturopaths were ahead of the curve, and “modern” research is proving them right. How are you doing? Glad you live were you do rather than here in the down wind cloud cover from Lake Erie.

      • I’m doing fine now, although I have semi-flipped my sleep pattern. Summers are easy for me because I get a lot of light. It’s winters that suck :/

      • Do you use a light bank in the winter? Winters can be really suckish. How is the winter weather there? That’s when Dr. Foster was suggesting light for everybody…staff included 😉 He did some research, and Pittsburgh is one of the cloudiest cities at this latitude, close to Seattle and London, because of the clouds off of Lake Erie. That was another inspiration for the “vampire diet” thing…”Forks” doesn’t have anything on us.

      • I don’t use a light bank, but I probably should look into it. I’m good at just sucking it up and pushing through, haha.

        I grew up in Williamsport, which isn’t too far away from you in the grand scheme of things; only a few hours. The winters here are very mild compared to central Pa, ha. We don’t get nearly as much snow; usually only a few inches here or there. Plus, the weather doesn’t get nearly as cold. I do better here than I did back ‘home,’ but it’s still something I struggle with.

      • Holey smokes…you are not kidding about the central PA winters! We lived in Meyersdale (Just outside of Sommerset) for a while when I was young. I have to hand it to you…just gutting out medical conditions can get old after a while. If I run across any hard data, I’ll let you know. I forget where I saw it, but it may only take 10 minutes of sunlight on the face per day to make a difference. I think even cloud-covered sunlight can have some marginal benefit. If you want to take it on, “pubmed” from national institutes of health has some hard core info. If you like that science kind of thing.

      • Thanks! I’ll definitely look into pubmed 😀

        I’m a closet science geek 😉

      • Welcome to the clan! I let my science geek flag fly on a regular basis. If you like pubmed, unleash your science-y awesomeness on google scholar. Great resource, that.

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