I get it now

We spent this past weekend in Washington DC (Georgetown) with friends. They are exceptionally well traveled and have spent a lot of time in China. It is easy to find the pinnacle of food when you are hanging around with these guys…go where N. goes and eat what he eats. I’ve never been sorry about that strategy.

This trip, I had duck for the first time. Now I get it. I totally understand what Anthony Bourdain was saying about it and why clouds part and angels sing when tv chefs talk about anything with duck fat. It is crazy good. There really isn’t anything like the crispy skin.

Add to that the most excellent dumplings … and that is saying something, because I like dim sum and get it every chance I get…and you have a sumptuous weekend of food.

And no sugar in any of it. Didn’t touch my “bloodlist” once the whole weekend. Sure these choices would be not so great for someone who needs to feed with fats as their nemesis. There is no one-size-fits-all diet, or diet strategy. For my personal needs, sugar is the thing to watch. After this weekend though, I feel good…and well fed. It was the discipline of the Cullens with the sumptuousness of the Volturi. That’s what vampire dieting is all about.



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