Vampire Hearing

It may not be true for everyone, but it seem that a lot of us who are over-weight have become a little tone deaf. Not to sound, though that may be true too…take it from someone who allegedly sing like a “tone deaf walrus”. It is all to easy to ignore important clues.

It is old hat advice to wait 15 to 20 minutes before eating additional food, second helpings, even dessert…the theory being that it takes that long for hormonal changes to let the brain know we’ve had enough…unless we really stuff ourselves to the point that the stretch reflex from gut does the job for us. But to eat less overall, stop eating less than “full” wait and let the insulin, glycogen etc etc do their thing, only then if you are still hungry…then “top off the tank” so to speak.

Learning to listen to our bodies can be a powerful thing…just like learning to listen to intuition or “gut feelings”. That is a pretty satisfying thing. After years of doing psychic/tarot readings, I can speak to that first hand, too.

One of the things recently that really drove that point home to me was going to a martial arts seminar this past weekend for the first time in years. I started with Qi Gong sets. Explaining Qi Gong, and Chinese Martial Art would take a library and is way, way WAY outside of the scope of this blog. If you are interested in Qi Gong, or Chinese Martial Arts at all, never mind anything I say and go directly to the many books written by Sho-yu Liang ( and Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming ( ). Between the seminars and my husband the national champion / instructor / judge (yeah, I’m bragging – I’m proud of the hubster!)…I have three qi gong sets I can use. My brain wasn’t sure which one to start with. Over the past couple of days, I’d catch myself absent-mindedly making the mudra (hand position) for the one. It felt almost as if my hands were craving that mudra, like my palate has craved foods before. Hint taken. Just finished that particular set, and proof-in-the-pudding…I feel good at the moment.

Whether it is listening to your gut or your gut instinct, using your “vampire hearing” to listen to yourself is one way to get some pretty good advice.


One thought on “Vampire Hearing

  1. The Mind-Body connection is a huge topic, winding through holistic health, stress reduction, meditation, even modern medicine. Keep reading…we’ll be talking about this topic often, and if this analogy doesn’t work for you, perhaps another one will.

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