Comfort in a Cup

Have you ever wanted something to eat, but don’t know quite what. Or have you ever wanted something warm and gooey and comforting? I do. This morning was kind of like that. Am a little under the weather – will spare you the details of that – nothing major. Nothing really sounds good for breakfast. It might not qualify as “breakfast” for some, but it is warm and comforting and yummy right now…with very few calories. A nice hot cup of spiced coffee counts as comfort in my book. If you aren’t a coffee fan, well, I’m not much help to you today.

There are two ways that I make this version. One is just throw a bag or two of a spiced, tea-less herbal tea into the pot then brew as normal. Bengal spice by Celestial Seasonings is my personal favorite for that. But the one step better is to whip out the french press.

A french coffee press is one of those gourmet-ish kind of things that may not be necessary to own, but sure is fun. We have certainly gotten our $14 out of ours. We use it for loose tea the most: I like green tea with toasted rice (genmaicha), and my husband the martial artist uses it to make his eight treasures tea (Ba Bao Cha). Every now and then I’ll make a cup of coffee with it…a heaping scoop of coffee…whatever I have on hand….a splash of vanilla flavor, a big sprinkle of cinnamon and a little sprinkle of nutmeg. After it steeps, pour and add a generous splash of unsweetened vanilla almond milk…YUM! The spice and vanilla adds plenty of sweetness and flavor. I don’t care for sugared coffee so I stop there. Whatever else you add is up to you, though I’m thinking agave nectar or raw sugar would be the way to go if you need a touch more sweetness. Something more on the caramel side of things would match the spice better than plain white sugar or other, brighter-tasting sweeteners like stevia.

I didn’t do the math to see how many calories are in 2 Tbs of vanilla almond milk, but barring sugar, that is the only real source of calories here. It can’t be much. And no carbs if you don’t add sugar.

Even if it was a little caloric, it’d be worth it for a little discretionary comfort in a cup. Taste without a down-side? Bonus!


6 thoughts on “Comfort in a Cup

  1. I want a french press so bad. I’m a coffee addict, and I just think it would be fun 😉

    Unsweetened vanilla almond milk has 40 calories a cup? I’m not sure if that differs by brand, but that’s Almond Breeze’s stat. There are 16 tablespoons per cup, so 2.5 calories a tablespoon… so 5 calories in 2 tbs 😀 Math is fun, haha, and I’m a dork.

    • Better you than me, girlfriend. I don’t do math before the second cup of coffee…you got. I loves me the unsweetened vanilla almond breeze. I like it better than milk, actually. French presses aren’t too awefully expensive if you have the room to store it. Ours is from Ikea, and cost less than that blue pan we were talking about.

      • They have an awesome orange french press at Target (I have an orange and green kitchen, haha) that I’ve had my eye on. The hubs thinks I’m crazy for wanting one, but I’ll cave and buy it eventually.

      • I’m lucky – my husband is kind of a gadget guy, and he cooks too, so I can get by with a little more in the kitchen. If anything I’m the one going all Alton Brown about saving space and getting “multitaskers”. My guess: once you get it and make a really awesome chai latte or spiced coffee or barley tea, or rice tea or something for your husband, he’ll be ok with it. Or at least that’s how it would work here 😉

  2. I have french pressed coffee everyday and I would love to say its because I am a fancy pants, but it’s really because I have the tiniest kitchen in the western world, and there is no room for a normal coffee pot…but even though, I am a french-presser by default, I still love it! I too heap the cinnamon in and I haven’t tried vanilla almond milk, but I am going to now:) best to you!

    • Please let me know what you think of the almond milk! The first time I had french press coffee was at a “camp” by the lake where the cabin was not well endowed with electrical outlets, so they didn’t have a coffee maker either. So practical!

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