Menu Ideas week of March 27


I suck at making easter dinner.

When youngling was really young, we watched an episode of Spongebob Squarepants. His grandmother made him a sweater “with love in every stitch”. Cooking is a little like that. I love cooking and baking at Yuletime. Everybody has holidays that time of year and the whole mishmash cookie loving thing is an expression of joy, light and the human spirit. I’m into it.

Easter is another story. It’s something I do for other people. It has zero meaning to me. Zip, ziltch, nothing. Spring equinox was a week ago. Happy renewal and spring everyone…but easter? It has taken years for me to go from actively disliking it to mere apathy, and it shows. Don’t get me wrong…loves me some ham and chocolates…but cooking mojo goes out the window when you just aren’t feeling it. Today I’m making the exact same meal we had for Christmas (we like it that much) but with twice the mess in the kitchen and the general lacking of some intangible something that I just can’t figure. Hopefully they won’t notice the difference. Maybe it’s my imagination. Don’t know. Doesn’t matter. I’ll get the ham glaze chiseled off of the stove eventually.

For those of you who do celebrate easter, may you have a lovely day, without your ham glaze boiling over.

For those of you who don’t celebrate easter….let’s go have a cup of coffee and a slightly overcooked brownie for tomorrow is another day

Wonderful Weekend to everyone!


Monday – Ham & potato soup (leftovers!)

Tuesday – chicken alfredo

Wednesday – veggie lasagne (meatless)

Thursday – Grilled cheese and tomato soup

Friday – beef & bean chimichungas


Menu Ideas week 21 March 2016


Monday – Tofu Tacos (meatless monday)

Tuesday – lasagne

Wednesday – chicken fried rice (great use for veggie or rice leftovers if you have them)

Thursday –┬ábreakfast for dinner…hoevos rancheros

Friday – fried pollack and confetti rice



Deciding what to make for dinner giving you stress?

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We’re Baaaaa-aaaack


Dunno if it helps any of you, but menu planning helps me. So here it is, hopefully you can get an idea or two!

The basic plan is to use what I consider the “Vampire Diet” to be, ie one that makes you feel better and hopefully live healthier, just like vampires have enhanced strength and so on. Nothing is going to make you immortal, but hey, it’s just a fun analogy.

Vampires have to be careful when, what, how and how much they feed so they aren’t discovered by humans…so eating mindfully is the big goal in the vampire diet. It might not hide you from humans, but hopefully it will make it easier to hide by decreasing our, ah, fluffiness.

The HOW of that little just-for-fun mental cosplay is

  1. Eat as whole and unprocessed as possible (not necessarily uncooked, I’m not convinced the “raw” thing is right), ie avoid high fructose corn syrup & artificial sweeteners like the plague (vampires don’t drink from the dead), minimize preservatives, refined sugars and white flour.
  2. Use meat more sparingly than before and as an ingredient more often than as a stand-alone entree, going meatless one day a week (I’m not sold on vegan either…sorry vampirette…but am down with ovo-lacto-pesco-veggie-ism & definitely with meatless Mondays).
  3. Keep the feeding frenzies to a minimum…human portions, one sweet or less per day

This week:

Monday – Cauliflower bake

Tuesday – boneless pork ribs and corn casserole

Wednesday – Chicken tacitos

Thursday – Polynesian Rice Bowl

Friday – Fried Fish with cole slaw