Menu Ideas week of 2 March 2015

Going with the old favorites. Great chance to try the omnomalicous home made tomato soup…who need the canned stuff when you have this?


Monday – Tomato soup* and grilled cheese sandwiches (meatless)

Tuesday – country boneless ribs and green bean casserole with fresh mushrooms (who needs a holiday for something this good?)

Wednesday – Cauliflower Bake**

Thursday – Tofu Tacos**

Friday spaghetti with achovy sauce and garlic bread (don’t go ewww…use the paste for extra richness in an otherwise meatless sauce…not a fish in sight)


*Lazy me version omitting the fancy mozzerella chuncks and just going with the sandwiches.

**No real reason why…youngling in the mood for the tofu tacos. Just turned out to be a meatless Monday, Wednesday and Thursday this week.



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Wait – What?

Ok, will someone please explain to me how it got to be Tuesday evening already? I dunno what I was doing that was so darn fun, but time has certianly flown. It doesn’t seem worth it to post for this week  but what the hay….


Wednesday – gentle pepper soup with olive oil muffins

Thursday – veggie burgers (soy based – boca burgers, actually) and buttered corn

Friday – Fish Fry! ok, baked…baked cod, baked sweet potato, cole slaw.

Menu Ideas week of 16 Feb. 2015

Daaaannnngggg its cold. Minus 4 last night, still minus 1 at this writing. Nothing compared to other parts of the country, but its all in what you are used to, I suppose. I vote for soup-ish and oven baked things, when we’re not scoring the yums at our fave local fish fry.

I know, I could just make stuff up, and that would be a nice excuse to snoop around the Internet for cool recipes on your behalf…but decided not to take a more daily journal than journalistic approach to “The Vampire Diet”. This is what we really eat, for better or for worse. I think leading by example is one of the most effective forms of leadership, and this gives me a chance to walk my talk and fall my fall when that happens too. If you see lots of repeats, its only because the hubster and youngling actually like, eat and request those particular dishes. I consider it high praise when a finicky youngling asks for something that actually has veggies in it.

The basic rule of thumb…or rule of fang if you rather…is to eat as whole and unprocessed as possible, day by day, meal by meal…but without sacrificing joi de vie, variety and simple pleasure. And believe me, fish made by local blue haired nonna grannies is very much a pleasure.


Monday – Breakfast for dinner: ham, egg and cheese biscuits  (with side of fruit)…am in total infatuation with the “Cheddar Bay Biscuits” from Damndelicious.

Tuesday – Happy Mardi Gras! Jamba-like-a with beignets for dessert

Wednesday – local fish fry

Thursday – Tai-ish noodles and easy velvet corn soup – Xing Ne Hao! Happy Year of the Sheep! (s

Friday – yay! more fish! I like fish. And shrimp. And the seafood bisque. Oh, the seafood bisque…



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