Great big flapping fangirl braingasm squee!

Hubster on drums with Egomyth (Pittsburgh! They’ll be playing at Hop House June 20 at 8:30 pm!!)

AND they are putting up new songs (the ones marked “rehearsal” are the ones with hubster on drums” and new videos- now with more vampires!! This one “Wiles of the Devil” has my favorite drummer, of course.


From http://www.reverbnation.com/egomyth

Menu Ideas week of May 11

Ahh, corn season. Got to love fresh corn on the cob…the ultimate convenience food. Just pop it out of its container and into boiling water, & Ta-DAH….whole grain goodness.


Monday – Hot dogs and corn on the cob

Tuesday – Veggie-ish Lasagne

Wednesday – chicken burritos

Thursday – pasta faux-jule

Friday – fried pollack and confetti rice