Light and Fluffy Sandwich Salad

How is it going with the easter leftovers?

Made a giant batch of chicken salad to give a break from ham-o-palooza and use up the boiled eggs. I didn’t sit down and crunch the numbers, but off the cuff, cottage cheese and greek yogurt strike me as healthier than globs of mayonnaise, even the home made olive oil variety. Easier too.

Especially if you don’t bother to measure…just go by texture and your individual taste in these kinds of soft-spread sandwiches. I take my cue from Alton Brown’s “Good Eats” and put soft salads like this on either a nice, crusty french bread or toast for sturdiness and texture contrast. Have a couple of baguette shaped loaves bench proofing as we speak for just that supper on the run tonight. Few leaves of spinach, salad on the bread, and move over sub…well, you know who you are.

It sounds like a weird combination, but the curd in the cottage cheese matches the texture of the egg, so you never know it is there. The yogurt adds tang, plus balances the fat of the egg, cheese and meat a bit. Seasoning is up to you, too.

Mix in a large bowl:

6 hard boiled eggs, shredded

optional meat: two small cans or one large can of tuna or chicken, or two cups diced ham, or one can spam, shredded – whatever you like)

replace the usual mayo with half cottage cheese and half plain greek yogurt to your desired texture (we like ours very gooey, which usually takes  a bit of mayo)

optional: dill relish (i use this with tuna, but omit for chicken, ham and egg salad)

seasoning to taste: salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, dill weed (for tuna) or SMALL amount of horseradish mustard (for ham), feta crumbles (for egg ) – whatever you like

You KNOW to keep it refrigerated and use ice packs if you send it in a lunch, right?

Happy Leftovers!