Blog Cabin update, 27 August 2014


You know how you have to multitask and juggle things to get all of thanksgiving dinner all ready all at the same time?

That’s how life feels lately. With a little mad scientist thrown in.

Unfortunately, The Vampire Diet is the dish moved to the back burner at a slow simmer for a few more weeks. Weekly menu ideas will continue same as always, but other posts and recipes may be off kilter for a while

Here’s the wafting scents from the other pots on the stove…


Menage A Tarot Podcast: never dreamed I’d be a podcast co-host! So grateful to David Dear, tarot reader and podcaster extroidinaire for putting Menage A Tarot podcast together. It is a casual conversation between Tarot experts about all things Tarot from ordinary to the sublime. I’ve already learned lots from talking with David and our third co-host Kate. Please listen on iTunes or Episode 2 is now available!

Modern Oracle Tarot: E-mail readings are available 24/7 no appointment needed, just like always. I’m booking now for Halloween parties in the Pittsburgh / Western Allegheny county area. ┬áThe email reading special offer and the summer price reduction on my kindle e-book “#PeaceTarot” have both been extended to the equinox, September 21. Please visit for details or click the cover below to order #PeaceTarot for only $0.99.

Baihu’s Haikus: has pretty much ground to a halt, along with Browncoat Whovian Epiphany…those blogs will remain sporadic at best for the foreseeable future. Holistic health, Reiki, Meditation, Aromatherapy interest has been slow to nonexistant, so the information there is pretty static. Lots of good information pages about all these topics, but not much by way of Natural health blog posts for now…EXCEPT for the fall/winter recurring features…drum roll please….Merry Monday is back and introducing “Friday Abide-day”…my answer to Amy Putkonins “Tao Tuesday”. Tuesdays just weren’t working out to participate with her posts, but I’ll be writing a Tao Te Ching related post on Fridays, linked to Tao Te Ching daily and her Tao Tuesday project. The “Abide” is inspired by, which draws parallels between Taoism and the movie “The Big Lebowski”. If you are familiar with the movie, the website is a real giggle, I recommend it. Read more at