Kale Krunchies

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This is NOT a snack food for everyone…just for most people. The taste will definitely skew toward adult palates…though the younglings might surprise you. Of course it’s taboo for anyone on a vitamin K restricted diet. I personally wish I could dive face first into the massive wad of the stuff…but I feel my inr droppoing just looking at it. Sigh.

This batch turned out particularly well. I made these the last time kale was in season and we scored a big batch at a farmer’s market. This time it was a couple of the on-sale bundles from Giant Eagle. Like always, I didn’t measure exactly, so the recipe is kind of eyeball amounts…adjust freely to suit your taste and the amount of veg you have on hand.

I like the slightly bitter twang (in a good way…akin to the yummy-bitter note in dark chocolate or dark beer) and the smoky quality from the roasting (or maybe I just really need to clean the oven).

2 bundles curly leaf kale…or whatever similar greens you like

1/2 cup peanut oil (or other vegetable oil that can tolerate oven temperatures without smoking or breaking down)

large pinch of salt

1/2 tsp wasabe powder

1/4 tsp garlic powder

Clean the kale and pat dry or allow to air dry. Remove stems, and tear leaves into large pieces. together the oil, salt, garlic powder and wasabe powder in a LARGE bowl. Toss kale in oil mixture to lightly coat. Spread kale pieces in a single layer on an ungreased cookie sheet, and bake at 350  F for 30 minutes or until dried, crispy and lightly browned at the edges. Return any moist or limp pieces to the oven until they are crispy and dry as well.

Store in an airtight container – if they last that long.


With Thanks for Thanksgiving

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Menu Ideas: 17 Nov 2014

Well, the party’s over. Our big “wing  it” inspiration was…drum roll please…pizza. That, and a big bubbling pot of cheesy rice a la leftovers after the pot roast I made for our anniversary – that was about it. So back to planning and shopping ahead to take full advantage of the thanksgiving specials

Monday – perogies

Tuesday – Bratwurst and potato smash

Wednesday – southewest squash soup and scones

Thursday – chicken and dumplings

Friday – Fish Tacos


A brand new menu idea

Vampires don’t give particular consideration to the rules. At least not other than their own.

This week I’m breaking all the menu rules. It isn’t budget or waistline friendly, but here’s the idea:


Menu planning is a drag sometimes. With the holidays coming up and all the strategic turkey defrosting and traditional recipes and shopping oh my – I’m ditching the whole thing this week.

As I understand it, in Europe, or at least some parts of it, people shop daily for the freshest food, and because they have microscopic kitchens. On one hand, it fosters that whole farm to table thing…on the other it allows for pure impulse and creativity. Don’t decide what’s for supper until you walk into the shop and see what’s fresh on the shelves.

Impulse doesn’t necessarily mean junk food binge. Especially if you start your squinting and staring and figuring it out on the fly in the produce section.

Or go to a place with a salad bar. Wonderful inventions, those. We have this one local steak-house type place that has a glorious salad bar with bread, desserts, soups…I don’t even know what’s on the rest of the menu because I go straight for the salad bar. There is even enough other stuff on it I can work around my particular vitamin K issues…and have some of those tiny, chewy brownie thingys.

Buffets are fun too. I love hot bars and buffets…you can try bites of lots of things and re-load on ideas for more rational menu planning weeks.

This week is our anniversary and my gift to us is eating out whenever we darn well want to and just following our shop on the spot impulses.

It’s fun, every now and then…and feeds the menu planning all the other weeks of the year (except summer vacations of course)

If you try it…enjoy!